Something Extraordinary

Everything that appears in Gwynt will at some stage have been the outcome of a meditation. Now meditations can serve a number of purposes. For example, a problem may need to be 'mulled over' in search of a solution, or the desire to reach a state of relaxation, a stilling of the heart and mind, may be the end point. For me, the relaxed, stilled state is only the beginning of the process. And I use that word 'process' with care, for life is about process, a way of becoming.
Having stilled the heart and mind a single, chosen thought, theme or image becomes the focus of my attention. Whether I post a script relating to a memory, a quote, or a passage from my diaries, it always begins with that period of stillness, that period of waiting. Sometimes an image will appear, or maybe a word; sometimes many words and ideas will flow from the inner darkness.
One method of exploring one's inner world is by the use of pathworking, a fantasy journey, imagery. It can be a guided journey in which certain key steps or signposts are given before the journey begins, with the unconscious mind filling in the sections between the signposts. "A Fantasy Desert Island", (posted on 17.8.2013) is an example of this type of pathworking. Sometimes, something else, something extraordinary will happen.
Whatever form my meditation is taking, it will sometimes happen that images will burst into my mind, completely swamping or pushing aside what I am doing. Spontaneous imaging; it is a truly wonderful experience. Of course, I can always say, "No!" I am not asleep, after all; I am not dreaming, or under any form of self-hypnosis. So why would I ever wish to argue? 
My purpose is to seek and discover psycho-spiritual truth, to "improve my conscious contact with God, as I understand him." When the door into the unconscious mind opens, then the fun begins. It is the results of these experiences, that raw, experiential data, that take up a large part of the work I publish. Usually, I am guided, taught and guarded, by my inner Druid image. She is my Way, my Truth and my Life.


  1. Little side issue--you just commented on my memory palace post, and now I am thinking there is some weird inside out congruence between the path and spontaneous imagery and the palace and chosen imagery. Maybe you could use the palace after all, though perhaps in some altered way.

  2. Marly; An intriguing idea. Right now I'd settle for remembering where I having written about this and that.

    Literature is not my strong suit, having a bias towards science. In engaging with your blog I may be entertaining a high risk strategy, but I thank you for your comment.

  3. Ah, well, all comments welcome! I intend to go back to the start of your blog when I have a minute, so that I can understand what you are about--or maybe you have a particular summation that you like as an introduction?

  4. Marly; I have never written anything that could adequately serve as an introduction to what and why I write. Rather, that function has developed as I have written.

    The nearest I came to writing introductory material was probably in, "Why Gwynt?", posted on 2.10.2013. That will at least give taste of what most of my work is about, which is an examination of the psycho-spiritual life as seen through my experiences.

    If you should find the time to read more extensively, and I know you must be very busy, I'd welcome a comment or two. I hope that helps.

  5. I shall take a peek at that one--I am at the pitch of busy at the moment but will no doubt be less so soon (after I get a few things off my back!)

    Thanks for the recommendation of a starting point, as it's hard to compass a well-established blog right off the bat. But it looks like an interesting (and different) project.

  6. Tom, I was going to add a comment to your post "Being is more important than having": to say that things for you seem to be proceeding in the right direction, and that all you have to do is hang in there. My only authority for saying that is the parallel path I seem to be treading. And perhaps a limited understanding of the helpful words beamed across the centuries by Meister Eckhart.

  7. Vincent; Thank you for your comment registered here. Last night, I dreamed a dream which I will not describe, but the meaning of the dream was very clear. As a result I deleted the post, "Being is more important than having". You are quite correct in your assessment of my journey, but the implications of the changes afoot I cannot yet see. Compared with those changes, and the endpoint to which they may point, I felt almost trivialised. My post seemed so crude and immature that I had to delete it post haste.

    I could try to go on at some length, but to no avail. But I do sincerely thank you for your supportive comment.