Monday, 9 January 2017

Descent Into Mind

          In my previous-but-one post, "To Travel One's Own Path," I said that there are meditative experiences that are not appropriate to talk about. Yet the outcomes of such experiences may be shared without damaging the essential tissue of the experience. Today's post is one such example. I must describe this experience in religious language because that is how it comes. To describe it in any other form simply introduces an artificial element where none is needed.

".........The outer world can be sensed but only through the agencies of my senses, my brain and mind. In that sense everything is 'out there.' When I travel into my very depths, everything I visualise and record in my memory is still 'out there' insofar as it is outside a Mind beyond the veil of consciousness. I can never consciously contact God, or that totally otherness, directly. Yet there is that which responds to my seeking that feeds those responses through the veil in forms which I can 'see', even if not understand.
  In my most recent journey inwards, I passed beyond the animal [me], the bird, the insect and my botanical connections to my most fundamental elements. Yet even in that place [not I suspect a journey back in time but one down to my deepest connections] there was a sense of presence which intimated a knowledge of what I already was, before I acquired physical form, and what I would yet be. That implies an earlier involvement with life. That earlier involvement lies 'beyond', in a place or realm where my logic, reason and rationality has no place, because they are products of my mind. And I say again that in that beyond is Mind which has its own system of reason to which I am not privy. Can anyone know the mind of God, the Mind? I think not. Yet I am aware of its presence........."

          As a footnote, I should perhaps say that probing ever deeper into the mind is not unlike probing ever deeper into the universe. The further we see, the further back in time we travel, because it takes time for light to reach us from the depths of space. Similarly, to descend into one's inner depths can be an experience of travelling back through evolutionary time. It can also simply be a descent through the various parts of the brain to its earliest and, therefore, most fundamental elements.