Saturday, 4 September 2021

The Gates of Darkness

 "..........It is night, and I am standing in a misty, moonlit churchyard. There is an ambience of detached sadness with which I empathise. There is a need to grieve, yet it is not I who feels this need. No, it is not I but some presence which rests in the mystery which is me, for I am the churchyard and all that it contains. There are no gates here, though there are deep holes where once, long ago, massive posts which held those discarded gates were placed........."

          The cemetery lies within the environs of a church; it is not a municipal burial place. I --- this mysterious me-entity --- am, therefore, the location of a resting, hidden, secreted, buried spirit. Further, a churchyard is not a place where dying took place but where the dead await. Death had already taken place; death to a higher/other realm in order to be born in a lower. I am both a place of the dead and the living. 

          It has been said that the spirit is trapped in the physical body. Maybe that was how it once was, when one takes one's first steps on the path to spiritual discovery. But I do not believe it is so any longer. The gates of darkness which once trapped the spirit are no longer in place. Something uprooted and destroyed them.

"..........and all the while the the protectress, overhead, guards the charge that lies in her spiritual womb, until such time as it is ready to be reborn, to return to that realm from whence it came.........."


  1. Hi Ton
    It may not be applicable, but it reminds me of my intended next topic, namely atonement whose most holy day this year is in just 10 days time for Jews. First celebrated in Leviticus the sacrificial offering was then to repent and walk freely from the darkness to renewal and whose ideas continue to underpin monotheism. Mother church destroyed in 70 ad to be raised up again from those discarded pillars and gates to the new revelation. A new beginning from feelings of desolation and despair for both christians and Jews alike but obsessively claimed in Christian fundamentalism. Best wishes

    1. Hi Lindsay,
      I do sense some connection here between 'The Gates of Darkness' and your comment. Sometimes ideas do flow outward in a rippling motion, which in turn uncover new ways of looking.

      And best wishes to you.