Friday, 29 October 2021

The Spectrum of Love

          If, as I believe is the case, the practice of celibacy, chastity and obedience [referred to in my previous post] can be seen as a projection of a deeper, non-material world onto the material world, what is the experience that in its turn projects upwards from a yet even deeper world? Whatever that experience is, it appears to entail some sense, at least, of worship and sacrifice.  But what or whom is to be worshipped; what is to be sacrificed and to whom?

          Worship, as experienced by the ego, is usually a somewhat lopsided love affair, one which involves highly charged, emotional interactions between two, unequal participants. I believe that emotion must be circumvented; that we must rid ourselves of experiencing emotions in order to reach that deeper ..... feeling. And I suspect that principle applies here in the case of worship. Unless emotion is dispensed with, all the overtones of subservience and, yes ..... idolatry, enter the equation. It is not worship, as normally understood that is required, whether on a person-to-person basis, or on a person-to-God basis, but respect. It is respect, not worship, that can be said to lie on the ..... spectrum of love. And it is love,  not worship, that lies at the heart of a healthy relationship. This applies as much to a person-to-God relationship as to a person-to-another relationship.

          As with any experience enjoyed by the ego, it is its own self which takes centre stage. Yet life is not about me, not about my ego. I am just the place in which the unfolding drama of life's .....  evolution ..... spiritual evolution, is being played out. It is at this deeper level that forces or energies operate which give rise to the healthy and appropriate experiences of celibacy, chastity and obedience.

          And sacrifice? Or should that not be understood as ..... willing acceptance? What does the subatomic particle sacrifice in order to become part of an atom, a molecule, or even something greater? What does a particle of pigment sacrifice in order to become part of a painting masterpiece? One might say it loses a degree of freedom, a quality that allows it to remain as nothing usefully developed, a grand - if not grandiose even - fish in a miniscule pond; the age-old story of the ego.

          At a deep level within one's Self, one can experience the truly ..... indescribable. It feels that it is about ..... love and respect. It is not about a single event, which in any case exists only in time. It is, rather, about a ..... continuum, an ongoing process of becoming; a necessary process of spiritual evolution, and more. If I, this ..... inner temple of the spirit, am the altar on which this sacrifice is made, the sacrifice of a higher and divine love, then all I can do is ..... accept it. There is nothing else to actually ..... do.


  1. Hi Tom,
    I like your analogy of the sacrificial nature of particles surrendering into something much greater. Similarly I don’t think love can endure without respect. What can we say about love and sacrifice other than acceptance as you conclude. As far as love goes Christine’s lyrics (Love Never Dies ) kind of rings a bell for me. Well not entirely but nice lyrics dint you think
    : Who knows when love begins ?
    Who makes it start ?
    One day it is simply there ?
    Alive inside your heart
    It slips into your thoughts
    I infiltrates your soul
    It takes you by surprise
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      Yes indeed, lovely lyrics. They do seem to capture the welcome surprise of discovering love.

  2. Analogies and metaphors must suffice. It might be there is a reason that the ego in crisis is the best prepared to encounter the indescribable. It is then we are opened up - vulnerable. We are like that bit of acrylic prepared to fulfill our purpose and become a small part of a larger work we will never see.

  3. Hello Deanna,

    I have to agree with everything you say. And as far as analogies and metaphors are concerned, it just gets worse and worse. ;(