Friday, 26 November 2021

Spheres Within Spheres *

 "..........I float in deep space; everywhere is the colour violet. My archangelic guide is turned away from me. In the far distance is a group of fiery crystals being shepherded towards their destination, but I may not follow them. We, my guide and I, move rapidly upward and outward until halted by an invisible membrane surrounding a sphere which defines my spiritual location. Far beyond, shine more stars and galaxies in a realm that I cannot reach.

          Nearby, is a huge Tree. I reach out and find that I have entered its leafy crown. How can I breach the membrane that defies all my efforts to break through? In some way the uppermost branches have passed through the invisible barrier, but I will not be able, will not be allowed, to force my way through. Now I see that the way through is by a gentle, non-invasive path. I must become at one with the Tree in order to grow through the membrane with the branches.

          My guide and I slip inside the Tree. We climb a double helix stairway until we reach the barrier. There my guide stops and points the way. I can and do move on, into the next sphere; spheres within spheres. Another guide greets me, and we travel on together.........."

          It is a mistake to think that spiritual growth can be achieved by effort, as if such growth is an Olympic activity. The real effort, and that is undoubtedly necessary, lies in becoming prepared which may also require increased self-awareness. The passage from one experiential sphere to another appears to be an act of, what one may call ..... grace. One moves "upward and onward" as if by invitation, when the time is right. It is all a process of inner, spiritual evolution and one which always takes me somewhat by surprise. 

          Alongside the move toward preparedness grows acceptance of what is. And part of that acceptance is a recognition of powerlessness. In one sense, it is the acceptance of death to one sphere, to one way of being, so that one is born into a larger way of living. I find that all previous experiences of ..... being-ness always appear to be so ..... limited.

* [Footnote: "Into the Enchanted Forest - 3" delayed, probably indefinitely.]


  1. Hi Tom,
    This is a beautifully written spiritual experience you have shared with us that is highly evocative- I cannot say what if means any more than a lovely piece of poetry conveys to me a sense of the mystery of life itself. . Suffice to say you are a writer of beautiful spiritual experiences which I don’t have to fully understand. I had to read it 3 or 4 times before it suddenly opened up to me. I do hope you continue to write. Best wishes

  2. Oops must be a bad connection as it is posted twice. Holidaying at the moment, and was going to add as a PS ….your style a bit like Irish poet, priest and philosopher John O’ Donahue. Think you would like reading his poetry or books.

  3. Hi Lindsay X 4,

    I take your comment as rare praise indeed. Thank you. It is difficult to find the right words, or sometimes any words at all, to describe the experiences I enjoy. I am so pleased that you are able to enter into my posts and be "opened up" as you describe it. And indeed, you do not need to fully understand. But if they have opened something for, and in, you then I feel I am on the right track.

    Thank you [all ;)] again.