Friday, 10 December 2021

Dawning Awareness

 "..........It is as if there are two spaces, the lower is dark and is Death, whilst the upper is light and Life. They both exist in a state of eternity, outside time, rather than in a state of everlastingness. The Word, coming to believe, act as ..... dimmer switches, moving one's experience, one's being, from the lower state to the upper. Before a spiritual awakening occurs, one is in a state of Death, of unawareness. When the switch occurs, everything comes to Life:  ..... and none of this relates to the life and death of the material body.........."

          Whenever this kind of switching takes place, there is always a sense of ..... Presence ..... sometimes even a sense of Angelic Presence, associated with the event. I recall the first time that I can remember sensing this manifestation of "presence." I had been undergoing an intense study into my inability to carry out a task which my intellect said was within my capabilities, if I just kept trying. This study, voluntarily entered into, [and 'worked at' very diligently], was immediately followed by an ..... awareness, which just seemed to dawn on me like a mist drifting away, as if I were ..... "seeing" something for the first time. That experience made me aware that, under the powerful influence of my ego, I had been in a state of psychological denial, that my goal was beyond my capability to achieve. In the aftermath of that experience, and with no effort involved, I gained a dawning awareness that there was another way of ..... being, that something more powerful than my ego could break through my obsessional behaviour. Thus it was that I came to experience my first encounter with a "Dark Night," the dark night of the intellect.

          The sense of Presence was ..... vague but unmistakable. It was as if the "image" of that presence were symbolic of an awareness of the Self that I had never before encountered. It was an experience that was the total opposite of that state of ..... unawareness, experienced when under the control of the ego, when in that lower space which is ..... dark, and is Death.  

          It is strange that after all these years that I have followed my Path, or Way, without question, that I could have gone in a regressive direction. But I had to choose to follow the Path that I now willingly travel. As I indicated above, it felt as if an enlightening dimmer switch had allowed me to "see" and know that sense of "Presence."

          As the Word said, "I am the resurrection and the life. Whosoever believes in Me, though he were dead, yet shall he live." "..........and none of this relates to the life and death of the material body.........."


  1. ... truth exists outside of time, beyond dark and light, good and evil, death and life ...

    1. I Believe you are correct in your response. I would hazard the opinion that there is a continuum which generates the effects of space-time, a realm where truth exists pristine and unaffected by seeming projection into consciousness.

  2. Hi Tom
    Beautifully described .....and is it out of time as we know it but we inevitably drift back into the time of daily living? Best wishes

    1. Hi Lindsay,

      It is like an ever-present 'Now'. So in a sense it is both. The drift back into the time of daily living, I fear, is always the endpoint of those contemplative periods. There is much about the experience that recalls Gurdjieff's approach of 'remembering/forgetting'. The first part needs to be attempted, the second happens of its own accord. I used to regret the forgetting phase which seems to be far too long, yet I wonder whether one can exist comfortably in a permanent 'remembering' phase. Probably not.

      It does occur to me that much of the on/off feel of this experience is not out of tune with, what little I understand of, the quantum world. The "soul" also might fit in here somewhere, but that is for possibly future thoughts.

      Stay well.